Platform Development Services

Button Networks’ engineers are experienced in different development environments that can be used to build platforms. Our teams can deliver a large variety of customs applications and database management tools to remote servers and secure networks. As a result, our customers receive a set of software and infrastructure solutions built to meet their unique needs and used as a base for further development. In addition, our platforms  benefit from cloud features that support scalability, easy access, multi-tenancy, and strong security, reducing the amount of routine work for developers.

We provide platform development service for building:

  • Cloud-based solutions: Developing high-performance backends that are easy to build on
  • APIs: Building interfaces so developers can access platforms
  • SDK: Making it easier for developers to build with platform tools
  • Big data warehouses: Collecting, analyzing, and smartly processing large volumes of data
  • Integration components: Ensuring seamless integration of platforms, on-site software, and third-party solutions